Lashonda Lee Williams
Lashonda Lee Williams Davidson County Sheriff's Office

A 43-year-old woman is facing assault charges after she allegedly told a fellow United Airlines passenger, “I kill white people like you,” when the passenger asked her to turn off her cell phone after taking off in Tennessee on Sunday.

Lashonda Lee Williams, 43, also allegedly told the passenger, 50-year-old K. Colleen Coult, that she would find out where she lived when the plane landed in Houston, which “created fear in Coult for her safety,” according to a court affidavit obtained Tuesday by the Smoking Gun.

The plane returned back to the Nashville airport shortly after the incident after a flight attendant was told that Williams said to Coult, “I kill white people like you” after becoming angry that Coult asked her to turn her cell phone off because the plane was in flight.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office records showed that Williams was released Sunday night on $3,000 bond.