The upcoming WWDC promises to reveal the new iCloud service along with Lion Mac OS 10.7 and the iOS5 for iPhones and iPhone 5. The iCloud service has brought much anticipation on how Apple will successfully operate iTunes for remote access of music from all computers and mobile devices.

Apple has also been landing deals with music industry companies in licensing offered tracks through iCloud. This has been a huge advantage over Amazon and Google who have yet to successfully cooperate with music licensing.

To add to Amazon and Google's woes, movies have also been rumored to be accessible through iCloud. Apple has been working with film studios on licensing deals and according to CNET, they have been in talks for over two years on possibly licensing movies utilizing iCloud. No official word yet on finalized deals for movies through iCloud.

It would appear that Apple's upcoming iPhone upgrades and highly anticipated iPhone 5 will take advantage of the iCloud in creating upgraded products and new user experiences for customers. Integration appears to be underway as iCloud will look to work its way into the new Lion and iOS platforms.

In preparation of the new platform, Apple has setup one of the world's largest data centers in North Carolina to account for the massive stream of data.

Apple's licensing relationships and 'controlled' platform may appeal to studios/publishers seeking to minimize piracy, while protecting their economics in a hosted model, Abramsky wrote in a note to investors on Wednesday. iCloud may also be differentiated via Apple's trademark user experience for convenience, simplicity, and discoverability. iCloud APIs may in time extend to developers.

Already establishing the giant IT infrastructure and landing deals with media giants such as Sony, Disney, and Paramount, Apple has taken necessary strides to overcome its rivals. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to present the future outlook of the iCloud along with revolutionary updates to the OS platforms.