I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” star Harry Redknapp recently shared a hilarious story about meeting Prince Harry.

The former Tottenham and West Ham boss was waiting in a physio room in London where he saw a man stretching in a baseball cap. Redknapp thought that the man was one of his players especially after he greeted him. The boss simply replied, “Alright mate,” and went back to reading the newspaper.

Redknapp, later on, realized that the man that greeted him was not one of his players, but the Duke of Sussex himself.

“You talk about stretching Nick, one day I’ve gone to the physio in London. I turned up, I go in there, I sit down and pick up the Evening Standard and there are two fellas doing stretching. One is stretching the other one’s hamstrings and they’ve got a baseball hat on. I’m reading the Evening Standard and I hear one of the guys say ‘hi Harry.’ So I look up and go ‘alright mate’ and carry on reading the paper. I thought ‘I know him from somewhere that geezer, did he used to play for me?’ I’m thinking ‘who is he?’ the suddenly it came to me. I’ve gone up to the girl on reception and said excuse me, ‘is this who I think it is?’ She went, ‘yes, it’s Prince Harry.’ I’ve mated him. I’ve gone ‘alright mate’ and I’ve carried on reading the paper,” Redknapp told Nick Knowles (via Express).

In related news, Prince Harry made headlines this week after his and Prince William’s similarity to their late mom, Princess Diana, was revealed. Royal expert Robert Jobson said in “Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams,” that the three royals could be hot-headed at times.

“I think that there are similarities to Diana. Both William and Harry can be a bit hotheaded, there’s no doubt about that. They can be a bit difficult and Diana on many occasions had been quite difficult for the Prince to deal with in that marriage,” he said (via Express).