Indian Border Security Forces pose before a parade in January 2015. Reuters

Indian and Chinese midlevel military officers could soon train together in an attempt to foster better understanding between the two forces, reported NDTV. Indian and Chinese officials were expected to discuss the details next week during the Annual Defense Dialogue in Bejing. The move would be an effort by the two military forces to better work alongside one another, with tensions often high along the border between the two countries.

Indian-Chinese relations are closely watched by the U.S., Japan and Russia. The Indian military allows midlevel officers of other friendly countries, like the United States, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, to train alongside its officers in its academies. India and China already perform a joint military exercise with one another, called Hand in Hand, which is reportedly expected to be expanded.

"There is a possibility that the two militaries may exercise looking at different scenarios, which could involve the navy and air force," a top Defense Ministry official told NDTV, speaking of the proposed training agreement.

NDTV also reported that four meeting points -- designated areas to quickly resolve standoffs -- along the India-China border will be discussed. Track Junction, Pangang Tso Lake, Demchock and Chuma are the four likely spots, according to the report. The countries will also discuss how to better implement 2013's Border Defense Cooperation Agreement, which aims to reduce tension along the border.

"There is a huge dispute in the eastern border of China-India border. This is undeniable fact," Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hu Chunying told reporters.

Next month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to make his first visit to China to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping.