Dead Body
This picture shows a dead body at a morgue. Getty Images/ Sanjay Kanojia

An employee with the Chhattisgarh Armed Force (CAF) in India beat up and electrocuted his wife to death after suspecting her of having an extramarital affair.

Suresh Miri, 33, a cook with the 6th battalion of the CAF in Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh, was arrested by the Sargaon Police “in Mungeli district, where he had brought the body of his wife Laxmi, 27, after allegedly killing her,” Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), Sargaon police outpost, Paras Ram Jagat, said, NDTV reported.

Miri confessed to killing his wife during interrogation, after having a heated argument with the victim Wednesday. He lived with his wife and two kids in a housing board colony in Bhatapara, Chhattisgarh, located around 80 kilometers from the state capital Raipur.

“When Laxmi was washing clothes in the bathroom, Suresh Miri went inside and started beating her. When she fell unconscious, Miri passed electric current to her private parts with the help of a live wire leading to her death on the spot," Jagat said.

Hoping to mislead Laxmi’s relatives, Miri later called up his in-laws and told them she had fallen ill. He then transported Laxmi’s body to his native village Khajri in the neighboring Mungeli district, in a hired van, informing his in-laws that Laxmi had succumbed to her illness.

However, his in-laws did not take him at his word. After analyzing Laxmi’s body they grew suspicious and contacted the police. The Bhatapara police later arrived at the village and arrested the accused after he was taken into custody by the village police.

The police sealed Miri’s house, where the crime allegedly took place. The CAF has not released any statement yet regarding the case.

Back in June, Nikhil Handa, an army major posted in Dimapur City, Nagaland, India, was arrested after being accused of gruesomely murdering his colleague’s wife, Shailza Dwivedi, because she refused to continue an extra-marital relationship with him.

Dwivedi was getting physiotherapy done at Army Base Hospital in Delhi Cantonment. The accused found out this information and found an excuse to visit the hospital. Then he allegedly called up the victim and told her to meet him at the medical facility.

When the car that regularly picked up and dropped off the victim went to pick her up from the hospital on the day of her death, the driver was told by the staff that Dwivedi never made it to the treatment session that day. Her body was later discovered near Delhi Cantonment metro station.

"Major Handa had slit her throat inside the car and thrown the body near the metro station. To make the killing look an accident, he ran over her four times and fled. He went to his house in Saket and tried to wash the car. He was keeping a tab on the news channels and after the news broke about the recovery of the body, he switched off his cell phone and fled to Meerut," a senior official close to the investigation said, India Today reported.

DCP Vijay Kumar said: "After switching on the mobile, he used WhatsApp calling. He was tracked by the team and it was learnt that he was moving towards Meerut. The Army base was his hide-out as he was posted there for three years. He was arrested from there."