The recent slaughter of nine women, which included children, in Mexico shocked the world. The killings were carried out by a Mexican drug cartel. The women were part of a Mormon community with alleged ties to the infamous sex cult Nxivm led by Keith Raniere.

According to the NYPost, Keith Raniere, who was convicted on June 19 on seven charges including sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor conspiracy, was said to have come from the same Mormon community where the killed women belong.

Sex Cult Recruitment

The Mormon community in Mexico was said to be the group where Raniere would recruit young women. They’re made to work as nannies in upstate New York. He would suggest that the jobs would be getting the girls away from the drug violence that is prevalent in their home.

mexican drug cartel kills women linked to sex cult Nxivm with leader Keith Raniere
mexican drug cartel kills women linked to sex cult Nxivm with leader Keith Raniere stevepb - Pixabay

This was revealed by the man that Raniere himself hired to create a document about them. In a New York Times report, it was said that the “self-help” group had a system on how to make women and children follow Raniere blindly.

The Recruitment Video

Mark Vicente, a filmmaker who was working with the sex cult leader Raniere, informed Slate, an online magazine, that the documentary was turned into a recruiting video for the cult. They presented themselves as a “self-help” group. However, the self-help, as per what the feds would call it, was a means to abuse women sexually, emotionally, and physically.

Julian LeBaron, a cousin of one of the women killed by the Mexican drug cartel, said that his brother experienced being kidnapped in 2009 by the local drug cartel. However, the family didn’t pay the ransom; eventually, his brother was released.

Mistaken for a Rival

It was said that the nine women, three mothers, and six children, were victims of a Mexican drug cartel. The latter could have mistaken them for a rival, which eventually led to the killings. This was the statement provided by Mexican authorities on the matter.

As per Fox News, the Mexican drug cartel is posing as a threat, with a similarity to that of the Islamic State (ISIS). A sheriff said that these cartels also terrorize and “kill both their own citizens as well as Americans.” He further stated that the recent events have been troubling for the community.