Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories is now available globally. Instagram Blog

Now that Instagram Stories will be available to everyone worldwide next week, there’s no excuse for users to come up with daily slideshows that are just too plain and boring. One of the ways to make stories more interesting is with the addition of background music. If you are still new to the platform or you just don’t know how to add songs to your slideshow, then you’re in luck. This guide will teach you how to put a soundtrack to your video using your iPhone.

According to OS X Daily, adding music to Instagram Stories follows the same steps as how one would add songs to a Snapchat video. The very first thing one should consider is the song he or she is using for the slideshow. Instagram Stories supports songs found on the Music app and Spotify, so it’s best to store or look for the soundtrack from there. Before even opening the Instagram app, one should put his or her chosen song on cue either on the Music app or Spotify. When this is done, simply press the home button to exit any of the two apps.

To add the background music, one should log into his or her account on the Instagram app. Then, one should tap the Camera logo/button that’s situated on the upper left corner of the app’s UI. This will launch the camera, allowing the user to record a video clip. Prior to recording anything however, one should swipe up on the camera UI to get access to the iOS Control Center.

When the Control Center is visible, one should swipe over to launch the Music screen that shows the song the user put on cue awhile ago. Next, simply press the Play button to start the track and return to the Instagram camera UI. This will now enable one to record an Instagram story with background music.

Launched in August of last year, Instagram Stories is a feature that gives users a platform to share multiple photos and videos that are automatically pieced together to form a slideshow or a story. The photos and videos users share via this feature have a 24-hour expiry, so they disappear from the grid or the feed once a day has passed.

Users of Instagram Stories are able to view the stories shared by their friends and those made by the popular accounts they are following on the photo-sharing app. Instagram Stories is also subject to the privacy settings of a user’s account. If the user set his or her account to private, the slideshow will only be visible to his or her followers.

Early this week, Instagram announced that the new feature on the social network will become available to users around the world starting next week. The decision to bring the feature outside of the U.S. comes weeks after it was found out that up to 150 million people are using Stories every day, as per The Verge.