• International Fun at Work Day is celebrated on April 1
  • It is to honor employees' hard work and dedication
  • Below are some simple ways to celebrate the occasion

It's International Fun at Work Day this Thursday, which means it's the time to have a little fun amid the daily grind.

Celebrated on April 1, International Fun at Work Day was first observed by a company called Playfair in 1996. The company believed that a fun and relaxing work environment will make its employees more productive and effective, National Today said.

Studies have shown that prioritizing employee well-being leads to higher productivity levels. And today, other companies also celebrate the occasion, not just to have a little fun on a workday, but also to celebrate their employees' hard work and dedication.

At a time when work can be rather tedious or exhausting because of the pandemic, such an occasion could lift employees' spirits, provide the morale boost they needed and perhaps even foster teamwork.

Let's look at some interesting ways to celebrate the day, courtesy National Today, Time and Date and Team Bonding.

Bring food

It's always fun when food is involved. Although it may be a little harder to have a large team lunch together because of the pandemic, some brownies or cookies for everyone can still add a little sweetness to the workday.

Play games

With the permission of your supervisor, you can play some simple games at the office. Whether it's an elaborate scavenger hunt or a simple board game, it could certainly break the monotony of work in a fun way. A murder mystery game could help get the team to work together in solving the case.

Watch a movie or series

One simple way you and your co-workers can have fun together is by watching a movie or series. If you're going for a work-themed show, why not play your favorite season of "The Office"?

Party from home

A lot of people are still working from home, so they may have to make the best of the situation and find some creative ways to have fun together with their co-workers. For instance, people can pick a theme for the day's outfits, such as wearing silly hats or something retro.

Share trivia

Sharing trivia is also a fun way to enjoy the day, whether you're meeting your co-workers physically or online. You can choose a theme — for instance animals, history, pop culture or movies — and spend some time sharing them with one another. You can even choose more personal trivia. This way, you can also get to know each other better.

Whether it's International Fun at Work Day or not, these fun little acts could help boost employees' morale, especially during these difficult times.

Of course, there are many other ways for you and your co-workers to celebrate the day, and you can certainly get creative and make it your own.

Pictured: Representative image of a person working on a laptop in casual clothes. Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke/Pixabay