• Apple might soon roll out iOS 14 that would offer support for Apple Pencil on websites
  • iOS 14 might offer automatic translation on Safari and other websites, says a new report
  • Apple is anticipated to announce the iOS 14 at the WWDC on June 22, 2020

Earlier reports claimed that the Cupertino tech juggernaut is planning to release a black Apple Pencil. It seems that Apple has a lot of plans for the Apple Pencil, aside from this, based on the latest report. Apple may be planning to give the Apple Pencil full support on websites aside from equipping Safari with a built-in translator.

The latest report about the upcoming features of both the iPhone and iPad comes from 9to5Mac. The site discovered these said iOS 14 features on the early build of the forthcoming iOS version. With the built-in translator on Safari, Apple would make it easier for users to translate and understand webpages. 

With the built-in translator, users do not need to use third-party apps and services for their translation needs. The new iOS 14 feature would enable Safari to detect and translate the sites automatically. There is also a high chance of a faster and smoother transition from one language to another without the need to reload the website.

It looks like the forthcoming built-in translation feature of iOS 14 would be available as an individual option for every website, the report claims. However, users would be able to utilize automatic translations if they prefer to do so. There is also a chance that users could switch between the translated and original text without reloading any webpage.

Interestingly, it appears that Safari is just the tip of the iceberg as the report claimed that Apple is preparing to widen the reach of this feature across the system. According to the report, the translation option is currently being tested with other apps, including the Apple App Store. If this materializes, iOS could translate app descriptions as well as reviews from various users who prefer to use their local languages.

Aside from the built-in translation support in Safari, the site also claims that the iPadOS might feature support for Apple Pencil input on websites. In other words, Apple Pencil would be largely compatible not only for scrolling and touching but also in drawing and marking up other browsers. The site does not say other details about this alleged feature arriving on iPadOS 14.

Rumors have it that Apple might officially announce the iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 happening on June 22. At the event, industry analysts expect that the Cupertino tech giant would also announce major releases of its various operating system. It could include the announcement of watchOS, macOS and tvOS. It is worth noting that details about the upcoming features of iOS 14 are not yet official.