• Microsoft confirmed the massive Xbox data leak and said that it is currently investigating the matter
  • Aside from the leaked original source code of Xbox, Microsoft also confirmed that the source code of Windows NT 3.5 was also leaked
  • The recent Xbox data leak is somehow similar to the previously reported Nintendo data leak

The Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft confirmed that it is investigating a massive Xbox data leak. Microsoft is particularly looking into the source code of the original Xbox gaming console, which was recently leaked online. A new report claims that the massive Xbox data leak is somehow similar to the Nintendo data breach.

Video Games Chronicle reports that earlier in May 2020, citing various archived sources on Reddit and Resetera. According to the report, more than 2 terabytes of data was leaked onto 4chan, which includes original source code for Wii, GameCube and Nintendo 64. The leak allegedly contains internal documents related to the consoles mentioned as well as the China-exclusive iQue.

These documents explain how the systems work as well as their respective development process. In a report released by The Verge, it revealed that the massive Xbox leak includes various testing emulators, Xbox development kit, internal documents and several build environments. However, it clarified that the kernel and source code are privately passed around among enthusiasts in the past.

It is unlikely that the massive Xbox leak would have any consequences on the emulator and homebrew scene. In a statement with The Verge, Microsoft said that it is aware of these reports and is currently conducting an investigation. In theory, the leaked data could be used to develop clone hardware that could run software and function like the original Xbox system. 

According to VGC, the PC emulation community could theoretically utilize the data to enhance software to perfectly imitate the original gaming system. But, considering that it is a leaked document and obtained illegally, it could place them in a shady position. Microsoft also confirmed the source code of Windows NT 3.5 was leaked apart from the massive Xbox data leak.

According to the report, the source code is apparently for the system’s near-final version. According to The Verge, the custom version of Windows 2000, which is contained in the kernel for the OS of the OG 2001 console, was also leaked. The report added that the leak surfaced online earlier this month but only attracted attention last week.