Evasi0n7, the newly released iOS 7 untethered jailbreak tool, has received its first update for Windows and Mac operating systems. The update takes the jailbreak tool to version 1.0.1 and removes the controversial Chinese TaiG app store from the installer package of the software.

Following its release on Sunday, users of the Chinese version of evasi0n7 found a TaiG package bundled with the tool, instead of the usual Cydia installation on their device’s home screen. The surprise inclusion of the TaiG package in evasi0n7 led to outrage among users as the Chinese app store is allegedly associated with pirated apps.

While many users raised privacy concerns over the inclusion of the TaiG package, iOS hacker Geohot revealed on Tuesday that evasi0n7 was safe and contained nothing malicious. However, the members of evad3rs felt it necessary to update the jailbreak tool to remove TaiG from the installer as its inclusion led to speculation that the iOS hackers had been paid to develop the untethered jailbreak.

“We have heard the community. Evasi0n 1.0.1 is available on http://evasi0n.con. TaiG has been removed from the package. Merry Christmas,” Pod2g, one of the members of evad3rs, tweetedThe iOS hacker also said that evasi0n7 would receive more updates addressing certain performance issues with the tool, especially one that related to a compatibility issue with the iPad 2.

If you are using a jailbroken iOS 7 on a non-Chinese device, there is no need to jailbreak the device again. However, for those who had issues with the original version of the tool, it is recommended to give the latest version a chance to see if it fixes the problem.

Here are the download links of evasi0n7:

- evasi0n7 1.0.1 for Windows

- evasi0n7 1.0.1 for Mac

For a step-by-step tutorial for jailbreaking iOS 7, click here.

Meanwhile, evad3rs issued a letter to the jailbreak community, in which they denied allegations of taking any money from TaiG. Since the release of evasi0n7, rumors have suggested that evad3rs made a $1 million deal with TaiG.

“There have been a lot of rumors listing various amounts we’ve been paid. We have received no monies from any group, including Taig,” evad3rs said in the letter. “We will not be accepting any money. Our donations are being given to Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to help protect jailbreaking as your legal right.”

According to evad3rs, users’ privacy is their most important concern and no user data have been compromised. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

First and foremost, and of utmost concern, is privacy. No one's data was ever sent anywhere. Of course, as a member of the community whose work frees devices, it would be against everything we've worked for the last 7 years to jeopardize the security of the users of our software. To reiterate, no Taig software was installed unless the computer's language was set to Chinese. Furthermore, no Taig software would run unless the user opened the Taig application... After rumors abound of encrypted data being sent for users in China who've installed Taig, we decided to do what we do best - reverse engineer the code of Taig to understand what was being sent. Taig transmitted data similar to what Cydia transmits. Unique device identifiers were transmitted in encrypted form similar to how Cydia uses SSL to protect the privacy of its users. Taig did not transmit any private user data from the devices at all.