Police, Iowa
Police in Coralville, Iowa named the suspect of the deadly shooting at the Coral Ridge mall on June 13, 2015. In this photo, a man is escorted away by police in Urbandale, Iowa on Sep. 1, 2012. Reuters/Larry Downing

Police in Coralville, Iowa, on Saturday named the suspect involved in a deadly shooting on Friday night at Coral Ridge Mall that killed one woman. Alexander Matthew Kozak, 22, from North Liberty was reportedly taken into custody from a vehicle on Interstate 80 near Davenport.

Kozak, who is awaiting an initial appearance in Johnson County District Court on Saturday, will be charged with first degree murder, Iowa City Press Citizen, a local news network, reported. Coralville police also said that he was the only suspect in the shooting.

"He made eye contact with me, I saw the gun and he sprinted off," Ryan Ross, who works at a mall kiosk, said, according to Iowa City Press Citizen, adding that he recognized the shooter as a security guard who was fired earlier Friday.

Jeff Carew, another witness, who was near the victim when the incident happened, said that the woman looked like she was about 18 years old. The woman had received multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Customers at the mall either rushed out after the incident, or took shelter until the area was safe, the Associated Press reported.

"I heard three shots and watched the girl fall," Carew said, according to USA Today, adding that she was shot in the back with a handgun. Carew added that the shooter was a young male wearing a black hat and a black vest.

Chizom Ekpunobi, 22, who had stepped out after watching "Entourage" at a theater in the mall, said, according to USA Today: "They rung out. We heard a couple of shots. At first we thought it was fireworks or the mall falling apart and when we realized what had happened and saw everyone else running out of the mall, we didn't stop to think. We just followed."

The Coral Ridge Mall was reportedly shut down after the incident and will remain closed until further notice.