• Apple rolled out earlier today the beta version of iPadOS and iOS 13.4
  • The release notes look promising with both iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 arriving to bring several improvements and features
  • The Apple iOS 14 is anticipated to arrive this summer at WWDC

Tech enthusiasts anticipate that Apple would announce the iOS 14 this summer at the WWDC. But, it appears that the Cupertino tech giant still has a lot of work to do with its current mobile software. Apple rolled out earlier the beta version of iPadOS and iOS 13.4, and here is a rundown of exciting features to watch out for.

Combined Mac and iOS Purchases

This upcoming iOS 13.4 feature would allow developers to sell iPhone and iPad apps bundle. The next iOS and iPadOS builds come with a new Xcode 11.4 beta that instantly activates unified purchases. The change applies to both initial purchases and in-app purchases. Moreover, this iOS 13.4 feature allows users to share in-app purchases to both iOS and Mac versions of the app developer enables the unified purchasing feature.

iCloud Folder Sharing

The iCloud Folder Sharing is now available. Users could soon send iCloud folder sharing invitations from the Files app when the iPadOS and iOS 13.4 finally release. It would also enable users to send iCloud folders, which a more convenient way of sending files. Hopefully, there is no bug or issue on this one.

Updated Mail App

The Mail App now has come with a new toolbar containing four functions. These are Reply, Flag, Move Message, and Send To Trash. The Delete button is now on the left corner while the Reply button is now on the right corner. Additionally, the Reply button now opens a lot of common functions including, Reply, Reply All, Archive, and Forward.

Location Services

iPadOS and iOS 13.4 updates would make several improvements to Location Services. It has something to do with the authorization prompt. At this point, it is not yet clear what the notes mean, but it says, "when an app requests the Always location services authorization for the first time after being authorized for While Using the App, the user's iPhone or iPad will immediately show the authorization prompt."

Other new features coming alongside iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 include keyboard shortcuts on iPad, nine new types of emoji stickers, and possibly support to iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 granting that the device would arrive in Mar. CarKey and CarPlay features are also expected to see improvements with the arrival of the iPadOS and iOS 13.4.