• iPhone 11 Pro was found to emit a high radiation level, which could be unsafe for users, based on a recent study
  • The study suggests that the iPhone 11 Pro gives off twice the amount of radiation the FCC legal limit allows
  • Penumbra Brands, which commissioned the test, advises consumers to be wary about their level of exposure to radiation emitted by smartphones 

The Cupertino tech giant Apple introduced the iPhone 11 Pro last year as one of its higher-end models. The flagship iPhone series from Apple was well-received by consumers. However, a new study reveals that the iPhone 11 Pro exceeds the level of radiation set by FCC.

iPhone 11 Pro Radiation Level Test

RF Exposure Lab is a California-based laboratory, which recently conducted a test on the iPhone 11 Pro’s radiation level emission. The study, commissioned by Penumbra Brands, discovers that radiation coming from the iPhone 11 Pro is at a level thought to be unsafe to consumers. The tests reportedly were executed using the guidelines recommended by the FCC.

The team used an iPhone 11 Pro and placed it 5mm away from a mannequin. Based on the test, the Apple device exposes users to 3.8W/kg of Specific Absorption Rate, which is way higher than the legal limit set by the FCC. The lab suggested that the user’s exposure to radiation could be more pronounced if the device is on the user’s pocket.

The result was further highlighted by Penumbra Brands CTO Ryan McCaughey in a press release. He said that smartphone users must be concerned about their exposure to radiation. However, in a report released by Apple Insider, it says that previous iPhone models were subject to the same kind of examination and scrutiny, which triggered the FCC to conduct a retesting.

What is Penumbra Brands?

As it turned out, all the devices retested by FCC’s own lab and not by a commissioned contractor passed the maximum legal limit. Tech site BGR also noticed that the iPhone 11 Pro being tested is inside a Gadget Guard case with alara technology. The site claims that Penumbra Brands is selling those cases.

On its official website, it claims that smartphone cases with alara technology redirect radiation away from the user. It also mentions that the tests conducted by the FCC-certified lab reveal that with an alara-tech casing, the radiation exposure of the user is reduced by up to 67 percent. It seems that the company warning consumers against radiation exposure to iPhone 11 Pro happens to be the same company selling smartphone cases with alara technology.