The iPhone 11, Apple’s next flagship phone, has been called all kinds of negative description -- something that one of the world’s most popular smartphone brands doesn’t want to be associated with. 

The smartphone collection, which is expected to drop this September just like the other Apple iPhone launch, has been getting a lot of flak based on leaked information from trusted Apple insiders. The culprit is the large camera hump at the back which houses the triple camera module of the new smartphone. It has been regarded as highly distracting and ruins the minimalist aesthetics the Cupertino giant has been known for. In other words, the new phone is going to be ugly. 

Aside from the camera setup, Apple analysts like Forbes’ Gordon Kelly is urging customers to hold off buying an iPhone this year, simply because the 2020 iPhones are shaping up to become one of the best in years. Citing excellent features such as 5G network and in-display Touch ID, Kelly goes on to say that it would be an expensive mistake to purchase one this year. 

But is the iPhone 11 really that bad? Based on recent leaks courtesy of YouTuber YouTuber Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro), this year’s iPhone lineup will be “the cornerstone” of iPhones in the coming years. Citing the logic board changes for both the iPhone X and iPhone XS from the normal L-shape to a compact and rectangular design, Apple will definitely make do of their promise that this year’s iPhone will have better battery life. 

This is something that future iPhones will get to enjoy. Based on the schematics, the new phones starting with the iPhone 11, will get an added 15 to 20 percent boost in power. 

Aside from this (which is most likely the most groundbreaking to look forward to this year as far as Apple fans are concerned), the camera optics will indeed improve, making shooting with the iPhone enjoyable once more. Of course, we still need to get past the ugly camera hump that will house this sophisticated camera system, otherwise, the iPhone 11’s shooting capabilities are expected to be excellent. 

We’re still waiting for confirmation if this year’s iPhone lineup will include a resize of Apple’s previous phones and if it comes to fruition then we might have a decent followup to the surprisingly popular iPhone SE. There has been news that the Cupertino-based firm will indeed release something similar - in China. 

All in all, there’s nothing truly special from this year’s Apple flagship line so if your current iPhone doesn’t really need some major upgrade, perhaps it’s best to hold off an iPhone purchase and wait for next year’s splash.