Apple has said that this year's iPhone 11 series models are better than last year's flagships. Tech review site AnandTech got its hands on all three iPhone 11 series models, ran extensive testing to see how well they perform, and found that indeed, the new iPhones are way better than their predecessors.

Without diving deep in the technicalities of AnandTech's findings, here's how the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max fared when compared to their predecessors.

CPU performance

AnandTech found that the A13 Bionic chip powering this year's iPhone 11 series models is around 20 percent faster than the A12 that powers last year's flagships.

The faster processing speed came with a caveat, however: the A13 chip has higher peak power draw by as much as 1W compared to the A12 chip. The higher power draw, AnandTech states, will likely result to the the chip and the iPhone being more prone to throttling.

Despite this, Apple's A13 chip is still a lot better compared to non-Apple chips found in the iPhone's rivals. AnandTech says the A13 is capable of almost double the performance of a non-Apple chip, and is comparable to the “best that AMD and Intel have to offer,” based on a suite of CPU-intensive cross-platform benchmarks called “SPECInt2006.”

GPU Performance

AnandTech was impressed with the A13 Bionic's GPU performance. “Most of all, Apple’s new GPU microarchitecture on the A13 is extremely impressive,” the site said.

“ Last year the A12 had some extremely impressive GPU improvements and it was the first time that Apple had been able to very clearly jump ahead of Qualcomm in terms of performance and efficiency,” the site explained.

“ I didn't have as large expectations for the A13 this year as a follow-up, but Apple was very much able to impress and improve by greater margins than their marketing materials led me to believe,” it added.

The A13's peak performance improved over the A12 by around 20%, but that's not the number people should be looking at, AnandTech said. The A13's sustained performance score is about 50-60% higher compared to last year's iPhone lineup. And although the iPhone 11 lags behind the Pro models, its lower resolution display means it really won't matter that much.

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