Apple is known for producing the iPhone, which is considered by many as the best smartphone among many in the market. These devices bring a lot of features to the user, but are sold for an expensive price. It recently released the iPhone 11, a feature-packed model that's sold for only $699.

OnePlus, on the other hand, is known for creating affordable smartphones that can rival or even outdo other top-of-the-line smartphones in the market. It has a reputation for releasing top-performing handsets that don't cost as much as its rivals do. One of its latest models is the OnePlus 7T, which sells for $599.

Which among the two is the better choice? Here's a quick look at their features, according to 9To5Mac.


The iPhone 11 might cost $100 more than the OnePlus7T, but this is justified by its camera. The OnePlus 7T takes decent shots compared to earlier models, but the iPhone 11 is capable of producing better photos than the OnePlus 7T whether these are taken during the day or at night. The iPhone 11 outperforms the OnePlus 7T in terms of image sharpness, contrast and dynamic range.

The wide-angle camera on the OnePlus 7T is sometimes better than the one on the iPhone 11. Overall, however, the Apple device's camera setup does better.

Biometric unlock

The Face ID feature on the iPhone 11 unlocks the device faster compared to the in-display fingerprint reader on the OnePlus 7T. 9To5Mac showed a video demonstrating how the two phones perform and proved that the Apple device is a bit faster and is more consistent than the OnePlus-branded handset. Most users won't notice the difference, though.

What's more, the face unlock on the OnePlus 7T uses the device's front camera, which means it's less secure than the iPhone 11's Face ID.


The OnePlus 7T has a better display compared to the iPhone 11, but the iPhone 11 has better audio capabilities than the OnePlus 7T.

Battery Life

The iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7T are both able to last a full day of use, with the Apple device lasting half an hour longer than the other. 9To5Mac noted that the iPhone 11's low-resolution display helped it last longer than the OnePlus 7T.

Of course, consumers are advised to get the device that they need and want. Those who want a good smartphone with the added convenience of wireless charging, however, should get the iPhone 11 instead of the OnePlus 7T as the latter doesn't support it.