When it comes to the release of Apple’s latest flagship lineup, this year’s yet-to-be-announced iPhone 11 is considered as the least favorite and the least anticipated. 

The rumored triple camera module at the rear of the iOS smartphone is tagged as the main culprit. It has been described as both “ugly” and “boring” by many analysts and most of Apple’s fans still can’t believe that the Cupertino giant is doing something drastic to its usual aesthetic. However, a recent report shows that there’s actually a sensible reason for all the changes. 

According to Forbes, the iPhone 11 redesign is actually an important prelude to the excellent phones that are coming next year. The report, which cited information from YouTuber Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro), said that the new changes will be “the cornerstone” of iPhones in the coming years. 

Koroy was the first to confirm the design of the iPhone 11 after supposedly purchasing iPhone 11 Max cases from a Chinese supplier. In the new video, Koroy pointed out some interesting difference when it comes to the phone’s logic board and it might finally explain why the Cupertino firm is going ahead with the release of the controversial phones. 

According to the report, a first look of the changes actually seem minor -- Apple would be switching from L-shaped logic board for both the iPhone X and iPhone XS to a compact and rectangular design. However, Koroy pointed out that this minor change could mean something big: Apple can now fit larger batteries than the iPhone XS by almost 15 to 20 percent in size. 

This means that Apple is definitely paving the way of going from 4G to 5G, a tech that’s expected to be available sometime next year. The logic board design might also make it possible for Apple to offer reverse wireless charging for accessories like the AirPods. 

“Apple is taking batteries very seriously this year,” Koroy said. Furthermore, the change shows that even if the iPhone 11 will miss out on carrying 5G technology, it is an important platform to test the reverse wireless charging feature which could still be available in this year’s lineup. 

Is the iPhone 11 worth buying? If your only aim is to get an iPhone with improved battery life then go ahead and purchase one this September. Otherwise, it would still seem prudent to hold off until 2020 for better Apple choices.