Apple has asked its suppliers to produce more iPhone 11 series units after seeing that the public demand for the new handsets exceeded its expectations, a report said.

Cupertino tech giant Apple recently launched the new iPhone 11 lineup to a massive global demand. Analysts were previously reported to have changed their forecasts, expecting Apple to be able to ship millions more around the world. In China alone, iPhone 11 reservations even saw massive increase compared to last year, indicating that the new lineup is highly coveted among consumers.

Seeing the massive global demand for its new handsets, Apple has asked its suppliers to increase production of units by up to 10%, the Nikkei Asian Review reported. This translates to around 8 million iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max units.

The Cupertino tech giant’s decision to increase iPhone production indicates the success of Tim Cook’s new pricing strategy. The iPhone 11 lineup is considered a budget-conscious series of phones, offering the latest models at prices lower than what Apple previously offered.

The $699 iPhone 11, in particular, is the cheapest among the three and is also cheaper than last year’s budget option, the $749 iPhone XR. The new iPhone 11 boasts of having more features compared to its predecessor, yet also boasts of being $50 cheaper at release.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously acknowledged that “price is a factor” behind slow iPhone sales in recent years. By offering the new iPhone 11 at a lowe rprice - even lower than some devices offered by the Cupertion tech giant’s competitors - people will start to choose the iPhone over other smartphones available in the market.

Cook recently told a German newspaper that he is very happy with the demand for the iPhone 11 lineup, saying that iPhone 11 sales had a “very strong start.” This can simply be attributed to the devices’ attractive features in addition to its aggressive pricing scheme.

Apple might be enjoying very strong iPhone demand at the moment, but suppliers remain cautious about being overly excited about it.

"Demand is good for now. But we have to be careful not to be too optimistic," an executive-level source told the Nikkei. "I hope that this year's peak season lasts longer than last year."

Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaiann Drance speaks onstage about the iPhone 11's cameras Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Chinese consumers prefer the iPhone 11 because of its aggressive pricing. (Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaiann Drance speaks onstage about the iPhone 11's cameras during a product launch event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California) Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson