iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users looking to upgrade to a new iPhone model will do well to consider the latest phones from Apple, the iPhone 11 series. All three models feature the best specs of any iPhone lineup in history, and are worth upgrading to.

Those who can't afford to spend $999 and above on a phone, however, can choose the more affordable iPhone 11 instead. This device features most of what its more expensive siblings offer at a price point that won't break the bank.

Can't decide whether to let go of that iPhone 7 for an iPhone 11? Here are a few reasons to consider upgrading to the new Apple smartphone as per iPhoneHacks:


The iPhone 11 comes in a body the same size and material as that of the iPhone 7 Plus, but features a larger Liquid Retina display that measures 6.1 inches. This display, despite having a smaller resolution compared to the iPhone 7 Plus's FHD display, is generally better than the one on the older model.


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is powered by an A10 processor that was the best of its kind during its time. That was three years ago – the iPhone 11 is powered by the A13 Bionic chip that's more powerful, more energy-efficient, and is capable of handling more tasks than what the A10 can do.

What's more, the A13 inside the iPhone 11 is backed by 4GB of RAM that allows it to multitask better than the A10 inside the iPhone 7.


Those who use the camera on their iPhone 7 most or all of the time will do well to upgrade to the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 may not have a telephoto camera, but it does have an ultra-wide angle sensor that will prove useful in many applications. The newer handset also boasts of a slew of features that make it the better choice in terms of stills and video quality, whether day or night.

Battery Life

The iPhone 11 has a longer battery life compared to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, period. Tom's Guide (via Forbes) tested the iPhone 7 Plus and found that it could only last for 10 hours and a half before needing a charge.

The iPhone 11, on the other hand, can last for 5 hours and 2 minutes when used to run apps, browse the internet, play music and games – all at the same time, non-stop. When used normally, however, it can last up to 28 hours before needing a charge.


Now here's where it really counts. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cost at least $999 and $1,099 respectively. The iPhone 11, on the other hand, costs only $699. The iPhone 11 might be a bit more expensive compared to the iPhone 7 at launch, but it's cheaper than the other models.

Apple's Kaiann Drance talks about the new iPhone 11 during a launch event on Apple's Cupertino, California campus
Apple's Kaiann Drance talks about the new iPhone 11 during a launch event on Apple's Cupertino, California campus GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / JUSTIN SULLIVAN