• The iPhone 12 series is anticipated to arrive in the fall of this year
  • Industry sources are reporting that iPhone 12 might feature a new display technology
  • This new display technology might be solely supplied by LG Display

The Cupertino tech juggernaut may be planning on using a new type of touch-integrated display in some of its iPhones releasing this year, according to a new set of supply chain reports. While this may be partly due to supply chain diversity, the new display panels could have tangible benefits for consumers. The new display might be in some iPhone releasing this year, maybe iPhone 12, which might be supplied by LG.

LG Display is considering upgrading its production facilities to develop a new type of display panels for Apple, according to The Elec. New panels will be most likely exclusive to Apple, and new iPhones like the iPhone 12 series might adopt LTPO backplane technology, according to several sources. This kind of display technology enables touchscreen circuitry to be directly installed on an OLED panel without using a second layer.

For the uninitiated, LTPO or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide is a backplane technology that uses up to 15 percent less power compared to the current solution found in current-generation Apple iPhones. Unknown to many, Apple has been using this kind of display technology in Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 models. Considering that touch-integrated displays would not need another layer, it could mean lesser production cost and thinner overall display.

Additionally, it could allow Apple to have some battery gains while introducing a slightly slimmer and lighter iPhone 12 footprint. Moreover, the lower production costs could allow the Cupertino company to lower the price of the upcoming iPhones housing this new kind of display technology. Furthermore, this could also result in a more efficient display.

While the touch-integrated display panels are reportedly coming for iPhones releasing this year, it is not yet clear of LG could produce iPhone-specific LTPO backplanes in time for the series’ release presumably this fall. Apple was rumored earlier that it would source its OLED display panels for this year’s iPhone. By making LG as one of its suppliers, Apple is definitely reducing its reliance on Samsung as its sole display supplier. 

While this sounds exciting, it is worth noting that these are not official. In this case, we recommend taking this with a grain of salt.