• A leaker shared an image showing the alleged iPhone 13 camera layout
  • The leaker also shared details about each sensor in the camera setup
  • The leaker, however, warned about taking the leaks seriously

A known leaker uploaded an image and shared information about the iPhone 13 series' camera setup. The leaker didn't reveal where the information came from, and also gave a little warning about taking the leak seriously. Nevertheless, the information has received some traction on the internet, making it worth a look.

According to a Twitter leaker who goes by the handle @choco_bit, the camera setup on next year's top-tier iPhone 13 models could feature up to five sensors – four located inside the square camera module similar to the one on the current iPhone models, and one located directly beneath that.

An image purporting to show how the camera setup is laid out shows that the four cameras are arranged in a square inside the module, with two small round-shaped objects along them (one at the middle and the other at the bottom). The fifth sensor is located towards the left side of the iPhone's back, beneath the lower-left camera.

According to @choco_bit, this camera setup will allegedly include the following sensors:

  • A 64MP wide-angle sensor with 1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom.
  • A 40MP telephoto sensor with 3x-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom.
  • A 64MP anamorphic lens (2.1:1). MacRumors believes this will be for video capture.
  • A 40MP .25x min ultra wide-angle lens with optical reverse zoom
  • A LiDAR 4.0 scanner

While the leaked image showing the alleged camera layout and the camera setup details appear interesting, @choco_bit warns readers to take the leak with a “Huuuuugggeeeee amount of [salt],” which implies that the leak itself might be wrong. Of course, it's too early to say what Apple might throw in that camera setup. The iPhone 12 series hasn't even been released yet as well.

MacRumors noted that while the iPhone 11 Pro models feature the best cameras that Apple ever used for an iPhone yet, the Cupertino tech giant has tended to avoid using “super high megapixel cameras” in its handsets. And even though the company makes incremental upgrades to the device's camera setups every year, @choco_bit's claims seem “wildly different” from what the iPhone 11 Pro features.