• Apple has plans to integrate the technology into a future iPad or iPhone
  • The functionality it brings to the table might finally push Apple to revamp the main display
  • This could possibly spur the manufacturer to finally omit the controversial notch

To keep up with its status as a market leader when it comes to innovations, Apple regularly develops and submits patents for new technology. It seems that one of its latest proposed features could become a defining feature for its upcoming gadgets, as suggested by one of its patent proposals.

Now, as consumers eagerly await the iPhone 13, a report suggests another round of multiple iPhones, iPads, as well as a new feature, could be on its way. As detailed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the tech giant might add secondary displays on their tablets and smartphones.

This was spotted by Patently Apple. The publication also noticed 77 other patents granted to the Cupertino, California, company by the federal agency. Apple has plans to integrate the technology into a future iPad or iPhone, the publication noted. The images included in the article show what appears to be an iPad with an auxiliary screen embedded on the rear section of the slate.

“The back display can be configured to show text, colors, line drawings, photographs, animations, video, and the like,” the publication said. “The back display can be implemented with any suitable technology, including, but not limited to, a multi-touch and/or multi-force sensing touchscreen.”

It looks like Apple intends to help users draw the attention of the subject being photographed. With the aid of its “stimulus features,” the secondary display could provide visual cues as to when a shot is about to be taken. Another likely benefit is to keep children focused on the device while snapping photos or recording videos.

Tech pundits believe the functionality it brings might push Apple to revamp the main display. This could spur the manufacturer to finally omit the controversial notch at the top of the display that debuted on the iPhone X, Tom’s Guide said.

However, this might introduce a new set of problems for Face ID, which relies on the forward-facing TrueDepth camera for biometric security.

When considering what Apple is developing, it's important to remember that most patents awarded to companies do not typically turn into actual products.

It remains to be seen if the iPhone 13 and next-generation iPads will have rear-mounted screens as one of their advanced features.

It's already happened with a Xiaomi product. Almost a week ago, a tech YouTuber reportedly revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will ship with a 1-inch display integrated within the main camera module.

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