• Apple is working on a foldable device, according to reports
  • Its details remain unconfirmed at the moment
  • A designer created a concept video showing how the so-called "iPhone Fold" might look when released

It might take a while before Apple starts selling foldable devices, but fans who want a teaser of the first foldable iPhone will be glad to know that a concept video, created using widely available information, shows what the device may look like.

A video uploaded to YouTube by ConceptsiPhone showed how a foldable iPhone might look based on details found in current devices as well as upcoming technologies expected from the Cupertino tech giant. Apple is indeed working on a foldable device, but it’s currently unclear what kind of design it will feature. The YouTube video might give fans an idea.

The foldable iPhone, dubbed the “iPhone Fold,” seems to have a lot of similarities with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. But it’s undeniably different and unique to Apple in some ways – particularly the design language and potential features.

Per the video, the iPhone Fold could potentially make use of existing details found in current iPhone models and build on them to create what might be the perfect portable work device for people who can afford it.

First, it’s worth noting that the iPhone Fold could feature the same design language as that of the iPhone 12 series. Whereas the Galaxy Fold seems to have curved edges, the iPhone Fold might have flat edges like that of the iPhone 12 series, the iPad Pro and the latest iPad Air. The design evokes an iPhone 4 feel while maintaining a modern look.

The new iPhone 12 line. BestBuy

Second, the iPhone Fold, per the video, has two screens. There’s a 6.3-inch display outside for when the device is folded, and a larger 8-inch flexible display on the inside when the device is unfolded. It folds in half like a book, much like the Galaxy Fold.

The outer display spans the length and width of the front of the device. There’s a small notch for what the designer calls a smaller and faster Face ID. The device actually looks like a regular iPhone 12 device when folded, albeit thicker and with square top and bottom edges on one side.

Third, at the back of the device rests a “next level camera system” comprised of Wide, Ultrawide and Telephoto sensors plus a “LiDAR Scanner 2.” This setup is still placed inside a square-ish camera module at the top-left corner at the back of the device.

Fourth, the designer mentioned that the iPhone Fold is powered by an A15 Bionic chip, made using the 5nm process. This chip, of course, is expected to be more powerful than the already capable A14 chip found in today’s iDevices.

Fans should take note that this is but a concept at the moment, which means there’s no telling whether these details will be present in the potential iPhone Fold, or any Apple foldable, in the near future. Fans are advised to take details with the customary grain of salt.

Watch the concept video below: