iPhone 4S
Reports are that Apple's next generation of iPhone will have a 4-inch screen and be 5 inches tall. Reuters

IPhone users were prompted to update their software to iOS 5.0.1 on Saturday in what was supposed to be a quick fix for the iPhone 4S' battery drain issue. But even though some users have seen an improvement in their battery life, the majority of users continue to complain; some say that the problem has become worse since the upgrade.

As Apple users flocked to support forums to vent over the persistence of their battery drain, Apple confessed that the new software did not fix all of the battery-related issues. The recent iOS 5.0.1 software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices, the company said. We continue to investigate a few remaining issues.

Many iPhone 4S users in Apple forums have complained of getting 10 hours on standby mode instead of the 200 hours that is listed as one of the new phone's features. While Apple has been trying to figure out how to solve the issue, tips have been circulating on the Web on how to save battery life -- but users are becoming increasingly frustrated as this limits the usage of many of the new features on the highly anticipated smartphone.

Here are five battery tips we recommend that will save your battery life without depriving you of the main features:

iCloud: The iPhone iCloud is the most hassle-free cross population of all your data, but it is something users can do without during their pursuit of maximizing their battery life. All photos, e-mails and other data can be backed up in five minutes just by plugging the iphone into the computer and syncing it with iTunes. The iCloud backs data up seamlessly, but the more data and e-mail accounts users hold, the more it takes from the battery.

Display settings: It's amazing how a few simple changes to your display can add hours onto your battery life. Simply bring down the brightness of your phone. This is also supposed to be healthier for the eyes. You can also set your auto-lock to a minimum of 1-minute as this will automatically switch off and lock your screen.

Siri: While Siri might be one of the best and most fun features of the 4S, it is wise to be economical with its usage as its Internet usage consumes a great percentage of battery life. Since the launch of the computer assistant almost a month ago, the novelty of asking questions and dictating messages seems to have not yet worn off. People have been reported as spending hours with friends crafting creative questions for the assistant in anticipation of her answers. With the current battery life span, it's wise to just use Siri for directions and to write messages manually.

Radio: IPhones aside, radios are one of the biggest listed battery drains in smartphones, as they use 3G and location services. Make sure your usage of the radio is minimal, and that the location services are always switched off.

Push Notifications: Also, try to be selective with which apps you use to send through push notifications, because you don't need notifications for every app, and they drain a lot of energy.