Google Ice Cream Sandwich Set to Hit Apple’s iOS 5 Where it Hurts
While not boasting the 200 new features Apple's recently released iOS 5 houses, Google's new Android Ice Cream Sandwich does pack several new features, indicating it will at the very least give Apple's OS a run for its money this November. IBTimes

All the attention is on Apple's up and coming iPhone 5, but the Android competitors surely have something to bring to the stage too.

On Oct. 11, Samsung and Google are holding a major press conference in San Diego, California. The Unpacked conference is going to showcase the next version of Android, now dubbed the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android OS version 4.0. The event will be streamed online at:

Most Android fans are said to be anxiously awaiting news on the Nexus Prime or Droid Prime. These are rumored to be a step up from the hot Galaxy S II models out now. One eBay buyer is even said to have his hands on the new version 4.0 already. An anonymous user supposedly purchased a Samsung Nexus over eBay only to discover that it was built in with Ice Cream Sandwich. Could it already exist in the market?

This will be the first-ever that Google's OS will run on both tablets and phones. Word is, it's expected to run on 4G capabilities and have a 4.5 screen. Some are also expecting updates about Samsung's tablets, as well.

Scheduled exactly a week apart from Apple's iPhone press release (Oct. 4), Android's Unpacked may not be getting as much buzz as Apple, but several highly anticipated devices are still attracting a good number of people.