Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 is the muse of all media right now as consumers are engrossed with the feature-rich new smartphone.

It’s been almost a year since next generation iPhone leaks and news started circulating on the Web. However, there is no sign of the device as Apple has not made any official announcement. Like the crumbs falling from the table, the eager fans are getting info on their favorite device through various sources, credible and otherwise.

From case leak to carrier announcement and a CEO’s predictions, there is no reprieve of amusement taking the form of iPhone 5. Sprint’s CEO has some details about the phone, which is why the information about iPhone 5 keeps popping out. Sprint’s strategy is working as the company plans to accommodate the next generation iPhone with unlimited data plan, a clear bait to lure consumers from AT&T and Verizon. The carrier is currently investing into infrastructure and monitoring their network to bring in quality service for their users. Sprint has noticed how the iPhone 4 worked for AT&T and Verizon. Hence the carrier would also like have a bite from the piece of pie. Almost all the rumors from Sprint, Best Buy and Telecom CEO point towards mid-October release.

It is not just iPhone 5 on the horizon, but another device known as iPhone 4S, a replacement for iPhone 4. Now the speculation looms if Apple has worked around with iPhone 4 to come out of the antenna-gate issue along with mounting complaints like falling battery life. Quite a few forums and comments found on different tech websites reveal that the consumers are charging their iPhone twice a day and the battery drains out completely at night. In fact most of the Android phones have replaceable battery. Apple says that the battery starts to lose capacity after 300 or 400 charges. No matter how Apple tries to convince its consumers with non replaceable batteries, it eventually runs out of juice and need to be replaced. In the case of iPhone, instead of replacing the battery the users have to replace the entire phone by getting a new iPhone.

The introduction of iPhone 4S brings out some unanswered questions. Either the iPhone 5 will be expensive or iPhone 4S may be an option for consumers who want a better iPhone 4 at a cheaper rate. This may be a strategy by Apple to counter the variety of well designed Android phones which are available for less than $100.

Apple’s marketing strategy has taken a new twist lately as the company has improved on the new features found in iOS 5 already found in Android. Noticing the most interesting features found in Android and BlackBerry, Apple perhaps wanted to catch up with the fast moving market. In fact, Android smartphones are starting to look smarter with better design, powerful multitasking, accessibility, cheaper pricing and faster speed.

Meanwhile the most convincing form of evidence of Apple iPhone 5 adorning iPad 2’s design was featured by Case-Mate. The Website posted six different iPhone 5 case designs and revealed about iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S models. In what seems to be the result of a serious lapse, the world may have got the first glimpse of the iPhone 5.