iPhone 6 Teardown
Just days after picking up their iPhone 6s and 6 Pluses, some users are complaining the devices bend from being kept in a pocket. Reuters

They're calling it #BendGate: Some of those who picked up their spiffy new iPhone 6s and 6 Pluses during the weekend say they come with a feature Apple didn't highlight -- the phones bend. Videos are popping up showing people doing their Superman impressions, bending their phones with their bare hands.

It seems the problem is the aluminum case. Aluminum, being a soft metal, is malleable. When people put their phones in their pockets and then sit, they get a phone with a curved display.

Apple has had no immediate comment.

The Twitterverse blew up Tuesday with snide observations from Android-lovers and fretting from those who have yet to pick up their new iPhones.

Macrumors suggested that users might want to remove their phones from their pockets before sitting or put the device in a "roomier" pocket. A rigid case also might solve the problem.

Several blogs performed bend tests. The weak spot appears to be just under the button cutouts.