A new report suggests the iPhone 6 may release on Oct. 14. Reuters

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) is going to be doing something big on Oct. 14, MacRumors reports. Could it be another launch date for iPhone 6?

The tech website recently spoke with a source that claims to have gotten information from an internal Apple Retail Store meeting, during which a senior Store Leader noted Oct. 14 would be an "immense" day for Apple. The source did not explicitly connect Oct. 14 with the release of the iPhone 6, it is MacRumors that has made the assumption; however, the source did say that the iPhone 6 may be unveiled on Sept. 16.

If true, this would indicate several changes from Apple’s traditional release schedule for the iPhone. Primarily, it would switch the usual iPhone release date from a Friday to a Tuesday, which, according to the source, may be an effort on Apple’s part to gain more initial sales by launching its smartphone earlier in the week. Thus far, all but one iPhone -- the iPhone 4 -- have released on a Friday.

Apple’s iPhones also tend to release roughly 10 days after they are unveiled; the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit the market on Sept. 20, 10 days after their Sept. 10, for example. However, the iPhone 6 would not hit markets for over a month if it was unveiled in Sept. 16 and released on Oct. 14.

Prior rumors have suggested that the iPhone 6 may be unveiled at an Apple keynote event during the second or third week of September and may release on or around Sept. 19, which is more in tune with the usual iPhone release schedule. At this point, Apple has not yet announced any Keynote events or any other details about the iPhone 6.

Noting October as Apple’s busy month, rumors also suggest that the Cupertino, California, tech giant may host an event in October to announce its iWatch, new iPads and Macs and to further showcase its new computer operating system OS X Yosemite. Typically, Apple also keeps its iPhone launches separate from other device launches, which has led many to question this rumor about the iPhone 6.