As firefighters in China scrambled to rescue a two-year-old baby trapped in a well 30-centimeters in diameter, they employed the help of an unusual tool: the Apple iPhone.

In video footage released from CCTV, the state-run broadcasting station of China, rescuers are shown lowering the iPhone into the depths of the 40-foot-deep well. The firefighters reportedly used the iPhone to figure out exactly how the child was positioned in order to help prepare the proper harness for bringing her to safety.

The event took place in a village near China's Mengzi City reports the Telegraph. The child can be seen wedged in the tight space, frightened and crying. The firefighters are shown in the video reviewing footage captured on the Apple iPhone, then creating the perfect harness to lift the child up out of the well.

We're not sure if it's possible for the feverish pitch iPhone fandom to grow any bigger in China, but if there's one thing that could fuel the passionate enthusiasm of Chinese Apple consumers, it's seeing the iPhone used as a tool that helped save an innocent child's life. To see in full detail how the iPhone was able to help the firefighters, watch the video below.