Apple has finally updated the Reminders app on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. The update brings a slew of new and enhanced features that will make using the helpful app even more interesting.

Here’s a quick look at the new features iOS 13 brings to the Reminders app.

A new Interface

The Reminders app now features an updated interface that’s both modernized and simplified, iPhoneHacks noted. It now uses a modern-looking interface with big sized text that other apps like Mal have.

Users will now be greeted with a dashboard when they open the Reminders app. This dashboard shows a user’s Smart Lists, groups and reminder lists. Users can also add a new list by tapping on the “+” button. Tapping on the same button while inside a list allows users to add a reminder.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists show up based on the reminders a user has. These are categorized in four different lists: Today (which informs the user about today’s schedules), Scheduled (displayed according to dates and times), All and Flagged.


Swiping left on a reminder and tapping on the Flag button adds a little Flag icon to the reminder and adds it to the Flagged smart list on the dashboard.

Enhanced organization features

The Reminders app now allows users to create groups for lists, which will help organizing them. This is done by going to the Reminders dashboard, tapping on “Edit” then tapping on “Add Group.”


Users can create a subtask two ways: from Details View, or by dragging and dropping reminders (that are already on the list) on top of other reminders.

Customizing Lists

Users can now customize their lists down to the icon and color. Customization can be done when the list is being created, or long after they have been created.

Shortcuts Toolbar

A new toolbar will now appear above the keyboard when creating a new reminder. This toolbar will have a few quick shortcuts allowing users to add a due date, a location, photos or flags to the reminder easily.

Smart Time & Day Suggestions

Reminders app now provides suggestions for time and day when creating reminders. Creating a reminder about a “Dentist Appointment,” for example, will result in the app suggesting a time (6PM, for instance).


Users can now attach images, links and documents to reminders. Photos can be attached by tapping on the Camera icon from the quick toolbar. Rich previews can also be attached by pasting the link on the reminder.

Tag Contacts

Users can now tag contacts to tell the Reminders app to remind them about something when messaging those contacts. This is done by tapping on the Edit button from the reminders list, followed by tapping on the “I” button. After this, users will need to tap on the toggle next to “Remind me when messaging,” then tap on “Choose person” to select a contact to tag.

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