Apple has released beta of iOS 13.1 even before iOS 13 came out. That said, iOS 13 shouldn’t be expected to come fully packed with features as some of them will be released on iOS 13.1 some time later.

Core features like Dark Mode and the Safari Download Manager are set to arrive with iOS 13. Other interesting features, however, will arrive sometime later with iOS 13.1. What are these features? Here are some of them, according to iPhoneHacks:

New Shortcuts App feature: Automation

This feature allows shortcuts to run automatically at a given time, when other actions or shortcuts are triggered, or when users tap on an NFC tag. This feature gives the Shortcuts app the ability it needs to become a fully automated app.

New Shortcuts App feature: Write to Files App

Aside from becoming fully automated, the Shortcuts app will also now be able to directly write to a directory in the Files app. Combined with Automation, this feature  is seen to help iPad owners who use their devices to get work done.

Maps feature: Share ETA

Share ETA, a new Maps feature that allows users to share their ETA from their navigation directly to another iPhone user (via Messages), won’t be included in iOS 13. This feature, which is seen to help travelers unfamiliar with certain locations, will be included in iOS 13.1.

New Dynamic Wallpapers

While Apple normally releases new wallpapers with every major iOS update, it is expected to release some new dynamic wallpapers with iOS 13.1. Some of these wallpapers feature colorful lights and bubbles floating above a dark background.

Siri: Parameters

Last comes Siri Parameters, a feature Apple announced back in WWDC for developers. This feature allows developers to add context to Siri requests for third-party apps.

Kriss Smolka, a developer behind the WaterMinder app, posted screenshots revealing how Siri Parameters works. Users who drank some water or juice, for example, can tell Siri to log what they drank. Siri will then present a list of options that users can select from (such as 8oz water, 14 oz Smoothie). Siri will save the data the user selects.

These are the features iOS 13 won’t have when released. Those who want to try these features out can download the ongoing iOS 13.1 Beta 2 along with its issues, or simply wait for Apple to release iOS 13.1 after some time.

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