• CarPlay is useful, but some might want to turn it off
  • Apple didn't include a power switch for the feature, however
  • There are two ways to turn CarPlay off so that users won't have to use it

Apple has so designed CarPlay so that it can be as useful and helpful as possible to all iPhone users who are always on the road. That said, there are times when such users might want to turn the feature off. The thing is, Apple didn't add a power switch for that.

Thankfully, Apple Insider spotted two ways to turn CarPlay off. It's not as easy as pressing a power button, but it does work and lets users enjoy not having to use CarPlay on their cars, for whatever reason they have – especially if using CarPlay distracts them while driving.

Here are two ways to turn CarPlay off so that it won't work automatically whenever a person rides a car.

Via an iPhone's Settings app

CarPlay can be turned off using the Settings app on the iPhone. Apple Insider noted that it works the same way as how users want their iPhones to forget or unpair with Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Here's how to do it:

  • First, users need to launch the Settings app on their iPhone
  • Next, once the app is running, users will need to tap on General, then on CarPlay
  • Once a list of cars that have used CarPlay with the device appears, users need to tap on the specific car they want the feature turned off for.
  • After selecting a car, users have to tap on Forget This Car, then tap on Forget to confirm the action.

This process disables CarPlay in specific cars. Those who want to disable the feature on more vehicles need to repeat the process, tapping on other vehicles to do so.

Via Screen Time

Using Screen Time to disable CarPlay allows disabling the feature on all vehicles that the device might connect to. This means users won't have to worry about switching CarPlay on whenever they ride a different car. Here's how to do it:

  • First, users need to launch Settings, then tap on Screen Time
  • Once there, users need to choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. Users need to turn these on if they aren't
  • Next, users need to tap on Allowed Apps, then turn off CarPlay
  • After that, users should tap the back arrow, then turn the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle off.

Doing this turns CarPlay off on all cars. Those who want to turn CarPlay on should simply reverse the instructions.

Apple just updated its CarPlay UI via the iOS 10.3 software update. Reuters/Robert Galbraith