When news came out that there’s a very real possibility of having an iPhone SE 2 release, fans of Apple’s surprisingly popular SE model became ecstatic.

It’s obvious that SE enthusiasts have been waiting for a much-needed follow-up to the fairly affordable yet powerful iPhone model, one which Apple CEO Tim Cook himself said caught them by surprise. And now there could be one in the offing as reports show that Apple could be coming out with a smartphone that measures 5.42 inches. The phone, which is about half an inch larger than the first SE, can be considered a clear indication of an SE 2 coming to the markets soon.

Now even if speculations indicate that we won’t be getting the SE 2 or what is slated to be called the iPhone XE as IBTimes earlier reported, until next year, some Apple analysts think the could actually happen sooner. YouTuber Simple Alpaca, whose video post has already been watched more than 200,000 times, said that the Cupertino company needs a product that would help them bounce back in terms of sales this 2019 and an SE follow-up might just be the answer they are looking for.

If the phone comes out this year, is there anything new that SE fans can look forward to? Tech Garage, which strongly believes that an iPhone SE 2 will be released soon, reported that one of the main features of the next iPhone is a glass back. The report said that switching from aluminum to glass could mean that the new smartphone might be capable of wireless charging.

In a supposed leaked photo of the potential iPhone SE 2, one can see an updated display which is believed to be Liquid Retina that extends to the corners of the gadget. There’s also the obvious absence of the home button which makes Apple insiders believe that the smartphone will also have a Face ID function.

Next, the site also reported that the SE 2 could very well be the “Little Brother” of the powerful yet expensive XS model. This means that the phone will have the notch design that the XS is known for. This is the recess found on the front camera of the phone.

And since people expect the SE 2 to be as fairly affordable as the first SE, some notable functions of the XS might be missing like the 3D touch and True Tone display.