It’s been three years since Apple came out with the surprisingly appealing iPhone SE, and now, analysts are mulling over the possibility that a follow-up is about to be released soon.

According to Forbes, there is reliable information that points to three different screen sizes of possible iPhones that could be launched next year. The information, which originated from Taiwanese website Digitimes, shows that Apple could be downsizing their current iPhone collection.

The most notable info, however, is the upcoming iPhone with a screen that measures only 5.42 inches. This phone is about half an inch larger than the iPhone SE and significantly smaller than the iPhone XS and XR, which means that we might be seeing the second series of the excellent iPhone SE.

The size of the next phone is said to be larger compared to the previous model to make way for newer innovations including a button-less home button and an OLED Display.

Now the first iPhone SE is known not only for its size but also for its powerful specs and affordability. The supposed iPhone SE 2, however, is slated to have Samsung Display's Y-Octa technology. If this is true then the price of the next SE will significantly go up and we might be looking at a fairly expensive SE variant.

This is probably why instead of iPhone SE 2, the new phone is rumored to be labeled the iPhone XE to differentiate it with the previous model. According to a report, this new phone is expected to be produced in India and will have all the expected features of the SE phone including the OLED display.

Now the news gets a bit murky from here. If the OLED display features are true then the supposed $600 price point of the next iPhone might be too low for the upgraded SE model. Ultimately, it will miss the original appeal of the SE which is its affordability.

At any rate, SE fans could really be expecting a follow-up by next year as the appeal of a phone that can be held using one hand has been proven to be quite popular despite the growing market of phablet-like phones.