No matter how many upgrades people get, they still drop their phones. And if your latest upgrade was for the iPhone X – you may be broke in more ways than one.

Don't Drop Your iPhone X (Or Buy A Case!)

Almost immediately after the phone became available Friday, several klutzy Apple consumers took to Twitter and other social media outlets to complain that the iPhone X breaks after even the most minor of drops. And as several tests over the weekend -- whether on purpose or not -- have recently concluded, the 3-foot drop tests aren’t looking very good. If you don't want to watch dozens of slow-motion test videos on YouTube, a link to a few are below.

Most drops from eye-level (around 6 feet) are where the phones have traditionally begun to shatter. According to EverythingApplePro's tests this weekend, the glass begins shattering and the camera had minor issues. And if you're purchasing the iPhone X, its very likely you're looking for that photographic upgrade from the iPhone 8. But the displays and the stainless steel did hold up, according to several drop tests. In TechRax’s drop tests, the front and back glass cracked on iPhone X, but the phone itself still remained functional. 

The iPhone X was released in stores worldwide on Friday at 8 a.m. local time. Apple, carriers and retail stores began taking pre-orders for the device last Friday, which could set you back in more way than one given the 64GB iPhone X model is priced at $999, while the 256GB version is going for $1,149. Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone features a glass back and stainless steel frame that allows for its sleek frame and wireless charging – but also leaves it open to breaking.

The scratch-and-burn tester, JerryRigEverything, found that the iPhone X's stainless steel held up very well in surviving some of their most "brutal" tests. "This may come as a surprise," according to JerrRigEverything, "but glass is glass and very susceptible to damage."

He cautions that the glass cracks and this will cost you $549 to get that glass back replaced. All in all, you should just go ahead and buy a case.

"People saying 'L0L if u drop the iPhoneX it breaks LMA0 XDXDXD”'.... How about just don’t drop your phone? I don’t judge my phones on sturdy," responded another responsible iPhone consumer.

“Heads up, the new all glass iPhone X breaks if you drop it. Also, regular glass breaks if you drop it.”

Twitter reactions varied from complaints from those who cracked their phone to those "being tired" of hearing about such droppers lack of responsibility.

“Don’t drop your iPhone X!!”No sh*t, the whole thing is glass... did you really need to be told that????" remarked one careful Twitter user, appearing unconcerned. 


“Loool apple are evil geniuses. The whole iPhone X is glass. It cracks on a single drop. Good luck people," remarked another Twitter user angry at Apple.

CNET reports that just as they did with the iPhone 8, their preliminary test drops were from 3 feet (0.9 m), or about pocket-height for most people. Their tests found several hairline fractures from such drops. 

"I could see even deeper fractures extending diagonally across the entire back of the phone from the impact. As soon as I turned it over, I noticed new cracks on the bottom edge of the screen," reports CNET.