Memes seem to pop up in the most unexpected and even organic ways, and the latest, “Dufnering,” is no different.

American PGA golfer Jason Dufner visited a class at Dallas’s J. Erik Jonsson Community School on Thursday, and a photographer found him hunched over against the wall with a, shall we say, displeased look on his face.

Deadspin was the first to pick it up, and from there the Internet's newest craze took off.

Dufner’s fellow golfers began to post their own versions of “Dufnering,” like No. 2 ranked Rory McIlroy, and Americans Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson. compiled many of the shots here.

Even one of Dufner’s teammates from Auburn University piled on with is own version, and so did Sandra Gal of the LPGA.

How long “Dufnering” remains apart of the constantly evolving Internet vernacular remains to be seen, but it could go just as long as “planking” and eCards, or quickly die out like “Griffining,” inspired by Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Dufner could use his recent flash of fame as inspiration. In seven events this season the 36-year-old has had three Top 25 finishes, and last year he won two tournaments.