Jason "Mayhem" Miller, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, was arrested Monday night after allegedly breaking into a church and vandalizing it while naked.

According to TMZ, Miller was arrested by authorities after being caught breaking and entering the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo in Orange County where he sprayed a fire extinguisher while naked. The former host of MTV's "Bully Beatdown" was arrested on suspicion of burglary held on a $20,000 bail with a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.

Sheriff spokesman Jim Amormino told The Associated Press that the church pastor alerted authorities who found "evidence of a break-in...including books and CDs that were strewn about, white powder on the floors and missing boards from a previously broken window." Amormino said when police arrived, Miller was naked on a couch.

"When they asked him his name he responded, 'Mayhem,' " Amormino told the Orange County Register.

Miller was recently fired by UFC president Dana White after a run-in after his loss - just one of the three fights he's lost over the course of his eight-fight career - to C.B. Dollaway in May. White told TMZ "Mayhem" was axed after "some crazy s-t happened backstage" at UFC 146. The two recent engaged in a feud over Twitter, ending in Miller tweeted "kill yourself" to White, TMZ reported.

"I'm sure he's not going through a very good time right now, no matter how much he wants to say he is," White said Saturday during the UFC 150.