Jaycee Lee Dugard, 29 could have been rescued earlier by various law enforcement agencies including one which responded to a 911 call from a neighbor in 2006 to report that two girls and a woman were living in Phillip Garrido's -the captor- backyard.

The leader of the Contra Costa County Sheriff Warren Rupf said his agency was beating itself up over Dugard's case and offered apologies to the victims. Dugard was kidnapped at age 11 and lived 18 years captured by Garrido, a sex offender who was in lifetime parole.

Dugard was rescued this week along with two daughters ages 11 and 15 fathered by the captor.

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We missed an opportunity to bring earlier closure to this situation, Rupf said. This is not an acceptable outcome. Organizationally, we should have been more inquisitive, more curious and turned over a rock or two.

The opportunity was three years ago when a deputy from the local law enforcement agency responded to a 911 call from Garrido's neighbor who spotted Dugard and the two girls living in miserable conditions.

Although the agent arrived to Garrido's house he never asked to look at the backyard and didn't suspect anything malicious failing to uncover the captor's criminal activity.

Garrido was also monitored by a parole officer at least once a month but Dugard and the girls were never rescued.