Jennifer Garner is still hard at work on the set of her upcoming movie, “Peppermint.”

On Monday, the 45-year-old actress was photographed hugging her co-star and TV daughter, Cailey Fleming. Garner plays the role of Riley in the movie, while Fleming plays Riley’s daughter, Carly. In the scene, Garner is wearing a Lauren Quon dress and a camel-colored sweater.

According to Deadline, Garner’s character, Riley, becomes a “lethal killing machine” after her husband and daughter are murdered. Riley wakes up in a coma and goes in search for the truth about her loved ones’ death. The film also stars John Gallagher Jr. as Carmichael, John Ortiz as Moises, Method Man as Agent Barker, Chris Johnson as Mickey and more.

“Peppermint” is slated to hit theaters sometime this year. It is directed by Pierre Morel and the script is written by Chad St. John. STXFilms is distributing the film.

Meanwhile, Garner isn’t all work and no play on the set of her upcoming movie. After the director called “cut,” she hilariously tried to eat a pepper while in a beautiful garden. After just one bite, Garner spit the pepper and told her over 800,000 followers on Instagram no to try what she just did because it isn’t funny.

The “13 Going On 30” actress was also seen rinsing her mouth with water. She later on said that she regrets what she just did. Garner, who has only been on Instagram for almost five months, has been very active on the platform. She regularly shares videos of her pretend cooking shows, as well as throwback snaps with her siblings.

Garner is also a huge fan of ballet, and she always shares videos of ballerinas dancing in their pointe shoes. She has also shared at least transformation posts on Instagram. Most recently, Garner also gushed over actor Victor Garber and his upcoming show on Broadway.