• David Beckham sent an uplifting message to people who are infected by the virus around the world
  • Jeremy Lin donated one-million Yuan via his foundation
  • Bundesliga’s Bayer Leverkusen donated 1.5-million Euros worth of medicines and cash

Sports personalities and organizations from different sports join forces in supporting and helping the people from Wuhan, which is considered to be the epicenter of the Coronavirus. Famous natives of Wuhan also sent out their assistance to their motherland.

PPSport, a sports outlet operating under PPVideo, has been keeping track of all the donations that are coming from the world of sports and they are receiving ample assistance from athletes from different fields. One prominent name on the list is Lin Shuhao – Jeremy Lin’s Chinese name – as he shelved out one million Yuan. Per reports from the website, the Chinese Basketball League star made the donation on February 2 to the Hubei Youth Development Foundation which helps the prevention and control of the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

Lin posted in social media about is views about people making racist comments about the virus in China, calling the medical people as heroes as they are doing their best to help cure infected people.

The USA Table Tennis (USATT) sent out disinfectant wipes via their long-time sponsor Hero Wipes and the team has also set-up a headquarters for people who are going to donate items to help China’s cause.

Chinese Basketball League stopped the ongoing season to protect the players and for the virus from spreading. The league has donated three million Yuan while other teams donated both in cash and in-kind. Tianjin donated a total of 100 million Yuan – 50 million for the medical workers on the frontline, 40 million for the work to prevent the virus from spreading in Tianjin, and 10 million for the construction and purchase of facilities.

Bundesliga’s Bayer Leverkusen sent out financial aid and medicines worth EUR 1.5 million per an official release by Bayer, the team’s main sponsor. The German company tied up with the Chinese Red Cross to have their help reach Wuhan – with the financial assistance going to the medical staff.

Football legend David Beckham also shared his prayers to the people affected by the virus outbreak. “My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the coronavirus in China and around the world (heart),” said the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star via Weibo.

More donations from Chinese athletes came in to help. Former Tennis player Li Na gave out 3-million Yuan, boxer Xu Can with 100,000 Yuan, Football Coach Li Tie with 1-million Yuan, and several other eSports clubs and athletes.