A diehard New York Jets fan was brutally beaten at MetLife Stadium by a drunken gang of Kansas City Chiefs fans after the Chiefs lost to the Jets 37-10 on Sunday, according to reports. What was especially disturbing was that one of the assailants exclaimed You all deserved what happened on 9/11.

James Mohr, 23, a physical-education teacher at the Bronx Guild vocational high school, underwent hours of surgery Tuesday at New Jersey's Hackensack University Medical Center to repair his injuries, which included a fractured jaw, cheekbone and eye socket, and bleeding on the brain.

He's hanging in there and he's scheduled for surgery, said Mohr's sister, Anna, before the surgery. We won't know too much until that's done.

According to the New York Post, Mohr walked through Parking Lot J at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., after the game was over when a woman standing with a pack of men allegedly taunted and screamed at him. Mohr took offense to what was said, calling the 9/11 insult disrespectful.

Our other brother is a fireman, and my father is retired FDNY, so you can understand why a 9/11 comment would especially irk him, Anna said. He was shocked anyone would actually say something like that.

Mohr then walked alone from where a group of neighborhood friends had gathered in another part of the lot when he was jumped by up to seven people.

State troopers arrested one of the alleged attackers, a New Jersey man, on a simple assault charge, but, according the Post, the investigation will continue.

Mohr's father, Dan, compared his son's case to that of the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stowe, who suffered serious brain injuries from an attack outside Dodger Stadium on March 31.

During the preseason, a fight between a Chiefs fan and several Ravens fans in Baltimore was caught on YouTube as well as a fight in the stands between San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders fans.

This is an unacceptable attack on one of our guests, said a MetLife Stadium rep, and we have been working with the New Jersey State Police to make sure the man arrested is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.