Passengers on a Delta flight departing the John F. Kennedy International Airport for Tel Aviv were deboarded while police investigated a bomb threat Monday evening. Passengers left the plane and boarded buses on the on the platform as emergency vehicles attended the scene.

An anonymous caller reported a pipe bomb was aboard Flight 468 to an operator at Delta Airlines headquarters, law enforcement officials told NBC. While there was no evidence suggesting the threat was real, emergency protocols were followed out of an abundance of caution, the officials said.

Two flights were halted and passengers evacuated since both shared flight No. 468. One headed was bound for Tel Aviv and the other landed on a flight from San Francisco at 8 p.m.

The flight to Tel Aviv was searched and cleared of any explosives. It was cleared for takeoff at 9:30 p.m. The San Francisco flight was still being searched with K-9 units, the Port Authority said.

On Monday morning, two planes nearly collided after a Caribbean Airlines flight landed and continued moving through an active runway. The plane crossed in front of a packed JetBlue flight that was traveling at full-speed for takeoff.

The pilot of the Caribbean Airlines flight did not hear tower calls repeatedly asking him to stop since he was on the wrong frequency. Both planes were able to apply their brakes and avoid a collision. JFK is reportedly overdue for a new runway lighting system that would help prevent similar issues, warning when it is unsafe to enter or cross a runway.