• SpaceX posted a new job ad for its Starship facility in Boca Chica
  • The resort development manager will help build SpaceX's first resort
  • The resort might accommodate commercial spaceflight passengers

SpaceX posted a new job ad for the position of resort development manager. Based on the ad, it seems the successful applicant will be tasked with developing a resort facility for commercial spaceflight tourists at SpaceX’s spaceport in Texas.

The ad for the position was posted through the website of the job placement software company Greenhouse. It was shared via Twitter by CNBC’s space reporter Michael Sheetz.

According to SpaceX, it is currently looking for a resort development manager who will work at the company’s launch facility at Boca Chica, Texas. This area is currently the build and test site for Starship, a fully reusable launch vehicle designed by SpaceX to provide commercial spaceflight services.

In the ad, SpaceX noted that it is focused on developing the necessary technology needed to transport humans to other planets. In line with this concept, the company stated that it wants to develop its facility in Boca Chica into a fully functional spaceport. This includes building the company’s first resort.

“SpaceX is committed to developing revolutionary space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets,” SpaceX stated. “Boca Chica Village is our latest launch site dedicated to Starship, our next-generation launch vehicle.”

“SpaceX is committed to developing this town into a 21st-century Spaceport,” the company added. “We are looking for a talented Resort Development Manager to oversee the development of SpaceX's first resort from inception to completion.”

The candidate who will be selected for the position will handle everything related to the development of the resort, which includes securing the necessary government approvals and completion of the facility’s construction. The resort development manager will also be tasked with resolving all issues related to the project.

Although SpaceX did not go into detail regarding the functions and nature of the resort, TechCrunch speculated that the company is planning to establish a complete tourist experience for commercial spaceflight passengers. Through the resort, SpaceX will be able to provide accommodations and other exclusive services to space tourists and customers of its spaceflight services.

The posting for the resort manager position is the latest job ad released by SpaceX for the Starship project. Earlier in June, the company stated that it was looking for an offshore operations engineer who could help build a new launch facility for Starship in Texas.

The Starship prototype was built in a few weeks by SpaceX teams on the Texas coast, in Boca Chica (pictured September 2019)
The Starship prototype was built in a few weeks by SpaceX teams on the Texas coast, in Boca Chica (pictured September 2019) GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Loren Elliott