Austin and Joy
Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth of “Counting On” are expecting another baby. TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding just aired on TLC as part of the “Counting On” Season 3 on Monday night. However, Duggar family fans in-the-know are well aware that Joy and Austin Forsyth are already in a new chapter of their relationship: having a baby.

Joy and Austin announced they were expecting in August. Although the couple has been mostly quiet about the pregnancy, there are several facts “Counting On” fans are sure to love hearing about baby Forsyth.

Here’s what we know about Joy-Anna’s pregnancy so far:

Due Date

When Joy and Austin announced they were expecting their first baby, they didn’t share any potential due date, however, fans quickly figured out when they could expect baby Forsyth to arrive. Due to the Duggars history of announcing pregnancies soon after discovering out the big news themselves, it was thought that Joy and Austin’s baby could be expected as early as February.

After reports surfaced with experts claiming that Joy could be possibly lying about far along she was in her pregnancy, family friends posted to the Duggar Family Blog earlier this month to clear up the rumors. “According to Joy... she is approximately 18 weeks along,” wrote the page. “Which puts her due date around early March.”


It’s still a secret whether Joy and Austin will welcome a boy or a girl, but the couple has already shared their gender predictions. After several of the Duggar couples welcomed sons, Austin predicted that he and Joy would be having a daughter. “There’s kind of been a trend with having boys in the family. I think we’re going to break it and have a girl,” Austin reasoned.

Joy, however, remained unconncvined and said she thinks she’s having a son. “I think it’s a boy,” she commented in her TLC pregnancy announcement video.

Baby Bump

“Counting On” fans have yet to see Joy’s pregnancy be a storyline on the TLC series, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t caught a glimpse of her growing baby bump. Joy and Austin shared pregnancy photo updates in August and September with fans.

Parenting Plans

Joy has said she’s already reached out to her older sisters who have children for advice on pregnancy and motherhood, but it looks like the couple already has a plan in mind for how they want to raise their baby. “I hope that our child is pretty much just like their mother. Selfless and always serving and loving people,” Austin has said.

Joy has other plans and has mentioned she wants their child to be as skillful as Austin, who works as a house flipper.

While Joy has commented she’ll likely reach out to her siblings for more advice as she progresses in her pregnancy, her sister Jessa Seewald says she has no doubts the couple will make great parents. “Kids are such a blessing and a joy. A lot of work, definitely, but a lot of fun,” Jessa said when commenting on the pregnancy alongside her husband Ben Seewald. “We’re super excited to see ya’ll as parents. Ya’ll are going to do a great job.”

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