Jurassic Park
A scene from the movie "Jurassic Park". Reuters

Good news for Jurassic Park movie fan: Director Steven Spielberg said that Jurassic Park 4 is in the works and should arrive in theaters in two to three years.

Spielberg at the giant Comic-Con International convention in San Diego on Thursday told audiences that he was at work on the fourth Jurassic Park movie.

We have a story. We have a writer working on the script, and I think we will see a 'Jurassic 4' in our foreseeable future, probably in the next two
or three years, Steven Spielberg said in front of nearly 6,000 fans at the giant Comic-Con International convention in San Diego.

About 18 years ago in 1993 the original Jurassic Park thrilled the audiences and then the third movie in the franchise was released 10 years ago
in 2001. Before Johnston directing the 2001 feature, Spielberg directed the first two movies in the franchise. The movie in its days took in $915
million worldwide.

Spielberg with his producing partner, Peter Jackson made his first trip to Comic-Con this year to show audiences his upcoming action film,
The Adventures of Tintin. The movie is due in theaters at the end of this year.