Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, were among several high profile celebs targeted by a Florida pair in a large credit card scam. Reuters

A pair of Florida roommates attempted to bring a little taste of Hollywood to the East Coast after stealing tens of thousands of dollars from celebrities in an expanisve credit card scam.

Kyah Green, 41, and 19-year-old Luis Flores are accused of obtaining credit cards under the name of numerous celebs, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The celebrities targeted by the duo include Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton.

A flash drive was also discovered at the home, containing the personal financial information of public figures such as Tom Cruise, Michelle Obama, Mel Gibson, Beyoncé, Joe Biden and Eric Holder.

The brazen pair went so far as to even attempt to access the accounts of FBI Director Robert Mueller, say Secret Service agents, reports The Daily Mail.

It is believed they gained access to the banking details through computer hackers who published the information in March, court documents say. The documents show that Green and Flores contacted credit companies, pretending to be the celebrities. They then changed the addresses and phone numbers on the accounts and had the companies ship replacement cards overnight to their apartment, prosecutors say.

After a police raid of their Orlando, Fla., home, authorities uncovered evidence of tens of thousands of dollars worth of wire transfers. In total, Green and Flores are believed to have wired more than $70,000 to numerous bank accounts in central Florida.

Luis Flores, pictured above, and his mother, Kyah Green, are accused of using high-profile celebrities' personal information to steal money from both their credit card and bank accounts. The pair was arrested by the Secret Service on August 7. Seminole County Jail

The pair was arrested by the Secret Service on Aug. 7. Green was released on bail while Flores remains in a Seminole County jail. He is being held without bail.

This isn't his first fraud-related incident, though. On June 27, Flores pleaded no contest to theft in connection to redirecting a co-worker's direct-deposited check into his personal checking account. Flores was working at an Orlando AT&T at the time, according to court documents.