Most of "Kingdom Hearts 3’s" battles involve scrapping against crowds of enemies and boss fights against foes more than twice Sora’s size. Fighting them up close can be fun but can also be daunting at times, especially when you are cornered by these foes. Here’s a beginner’s guide to know your options and stay on your toes in battles.

Defense Is A Great Offense

At the slightest feel of an incoming enemy attack, dodge out of the way. Since the dodge roll in “Kingdom Hearts 3’s” battles provides a decent amount of invulnerability time and distance away from enemies, Sora can safely get out of harm’s way. While stopping your attacks seems like a boring tactic, this strategy becomes more crucial against foes with unstoppable attacks and bosses which lash out large swaths of hits in a big area. Since the player’s party has a limit when it comes to restorative items brought to battles and the Cure’s forced MP bar drain, players will be able to fight more if they don’t always go for damage trades and end up healing in corners.

Know Your Formchanges

Formchanges in "Kingdom Hearts 3" allow Sora to change his moveset according to the Keyblade he’s using. These upgraded forms are attained through landing many hits with the weapon, which would require some skill in fighting up close to keep up the flow. Once available, Formchanges drastically change Sora’s attack patterns, which can allow fighting from a distance or maintaining an unstoppable momentum in sweeping the floor clean of enemies. Once you get a handle of your Formchanges work, clearing rooms is much easier and allow you to progress faster and possibly get hurt less in the process.

However, some Keyblades lean towards Magic damage, and some Keyblades also specialize in dealing physical damage. Choosing the right Keyblades to bring is crucial for melee-focused players as they need to make their Formchanges count. Regardless of which Keyblade or formchange Sora is currently in, enemies will often force him to fight in close quarters most of the times.

Invest On Combo-Related Abilities

In the Abilities screen, players are given many options that they can equip or unequip according to their Action Points limit. Some abilities are plain damage boosts, while some actually provide Sora a new move or an extra attack in his melee combos. Abilities like Combo Plus, which adds an new attack in your combo, and Combo Master, which allows Sora to continue attacking even when fighting nothing, are great ones to add to your close-quarters arsenal.