Russian intelligence agents tracked Sergey Skirta starting last year and arrested him in February for trying to pass on Russian industrial secrets. Above, FSB agents are pictured. Reuters/Vladimir Davydov


  • Some of the leaked information included personal data of Russian law enforcement officers and judges
  • The leak was first discovered by Russian investigators in mid-spring
  • Russia has already arrested several members of the Moscow police force in connection to the leak

The Kremlin is investigating Moscow police for leaking and selling confidential security data on the dark web, according to media reports.

The Kremlin launched the investigation after police operatives with access to internal information systems allegedly sold the personal data of Russian law enforcement officers, judges and other security officials to several clients, including Ukrainian citizens. The leaked data may have also included sign-in credentials and passwords, per Russian business news website RBC.

The leak was first discovered mid-spring. Investigators later found advertisements on the dark web offering confidential information about members of Russian law enforcement. Upon responding to the ad, investigators said they received the requested data and a confirmation that the information came from the Central District police.

The investigation is being spearheaded by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) in collaboration with the Interior Ministry's internal security division. The probe will focus on various police departments in Moscow's Central Administrative District, as reported by state-affiliated news outlet TASS, per translations via Google Translate.

"At present, the FSB, together with the Main Directorate of Internal Security (GU SB) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is conducting inspections at the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central District, as well as in regional departments of internal affairs bodies due to the leakage of data from Russian security officials to citizens of Ukraine," the agency said in a statement, per the outlet.

So far, the FSB and Interior Ministry have arrested several members of the Moscow police force, specifically in the Tagansky district department and Arbat police department. Two high-ranking officers have also left their positions, including police chief Alexei Schipov, the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District, according to the Baza Telegram channel.

News of the leak comes a week after classified Pentagon documents, which were posted on Discord, pointed to broad infighting among Russian officials, particularly between the FSB and the Defense Ministry, over the number of casualties that Moscow suffered in the war in Ukraine.

Other leaked Pentagon documents also suggested that Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Russian Chief of the General Staff Valeriy Gerasimov planned to sabotage the war in Ukraine.

headquarters of the Federal Security Service
The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested 14 people for forging passports and documents for the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS. This photo shows cars driving past the headquarters of FSB in central Moscow, Russia, Nov. 10, 2015. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin