Elton Brand could be the newest Laker if he clears waivers.
Elton Brand could be the newest Laker if he clears waivers. cccvoice.wordpress.com

The Lakers are looking to add another big man to their roster, even if they can't land Dwight Howard.

Antawn Jamison, Elton Brand and Jermaine O'Neal are reportedly on the team's radar. The three players are on Los Angeles' short list of players that they are looking to bring to L.A.

If the Lakers were to acquire Howard, they'd have to give up Andrew Bynum in a potential trade. By signing one of the previous listed veterans, Los Angeles could keep Bynum and still brining in another big man.

L.A. is over the salary cap, so they are limited to the amount of money they can give free agents. They have the mini mid-level exception, which is worth about $3 million per season.

Money probably wouldn't be an issue for Brand. The power forward was just amnestied by the 76ers; therefore, he's still making the final $18 million on his contract. The Lakers won't have a chance to sign him, though, if he's claimed by another team on waivers.

Brand has been criticized for being overpaid during the last few seasons, but he's still been productive. He averaged 11 points and 7.1 rebounds per game for Philadelphia in 2011-12. The Mavericks are rumored to the most likely destination for Brand.

Jamison has had the most recent success of any player that the Lakers might sign. He averaged 17.2 points and 6.3 rebounds for the Cavs this past season. The former Tar Heel reportedly has his eye on the Nets.

O'Neal may be the easiest player for Los Angeles to land. The former All-Star is only 33 years old, but has battled injuries the past two years. He's only played 49 games since the 2010-11 Season and hasn't been incredibly productive when healthy.

Los Angeles may take a chance on O'Neal because of his past success. With Bynum and Pau Gasol still on the team, the Lakers wouldn't ask O'Neal to do too much.

If the Lakers are unable to acquire a free agent from another team, they could always bring back Jordan Hill. Hill averaged 4.7 points and 4.4 rebounds per game for L.A. last season. Los Angeles could offer him a five-year deal worth over $3.6 million per year because they have partial Bird rights to Hill.

A backup big man may be the biggest splash the Lakers make in the near future. Trade talks have slowed down between L.A. and Orlando.

The Lakers may accept that Howard is either staying with the Magic, or going somewhere else, such as Houston or Atlanta.

With other teams looking to sign Jamison, Brand and O'Neal, the Lakers have to make a move sooner rather than later.